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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Creative Moment Today - Upcycling

With all the focus on economy and environment, I took a look at my old inventory and thought to myself , "Just what can I do to contribute this season?"
So, I went to the art supply store and picked up a few simple supplies and with some patience and a creative eye transformed some old chalkware/paper pulp bellsnickels into a chic new version. The originals were all different colors of green , mustard, navy and red. They had seen their day of popularity and were retired to a storage box for the past several years waiting to be reserrected.

One captures the look of antique pewter while the other has an old world almost romantic look to it. There are touches of real preserved moss (my favorite decorating medium this year) . I love them both and how they turned out!

The new "upcycled" bellsnickels will be available around the 1st of Nov.
Oh! Also , I'll share a photo with you as soon as I take it of the wonderful "OPEN" sign I created today using an antique picture frame, a 75 year old piece of a school chalkboard and some small touches. It looks great!

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