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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sneak Preview

The painting is done. Mike installed the ultra cool lights in the storefront window and we spent several days moving merchandise down to the new location. It all is coming together and is looking great! The only problem is...............I have no way of stocking our great new candle shelves. The lids for my jars have been backordered since April and am getting quite anxious about them arriving. With over 14oo candles to make for Shaker Woods, stocking the shelves will be next to impossible until Sept. but I'll try my best to make some available up until then. Not having the lids is a big issue as well, but hopefully they will be in very soon.
Things I hope to add to the shop in the fall will include, indie artisan made natural perfumes, initial pendant necklaces as well as cotton voile beautiful robes in elegant patterns by a super talented textile artist. I hope to bring an ecclectic mix of things that are elegant, tasteful and unique.
As of now I hope to be open as of July 1st, so keep a watchful eye out for the "open" sign.


  1. Hi Melissa! We can't wait to visit your new shop! We miss you, I am sure it will be as beautiful as your home shop! Where is your new shop? The best of luck with it. Any candles in English Garden scent? That's my favorite! Talk to you soon! Audrey

  2. Hi Melissa! We can't wait for your new shop! I know it will be a beautiful as your home shop! Any English Garden scented candles? Where is the new store! The best of luck in it! Audrey

  3. Audrey - So good to hear from you. I love your blog! Seems it is the "in" thing to do these days. I am going out on a limb on this new venture and sure hope it is welcomed with open arms! Hope to see you soon! We will be right down town!