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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Lost Art - Barter & Trade

There was a time when people and communities actively participated in something called barter and trade. You know, when you trade goods and services for something you or someone else might need. It was a "non-monetary" way of conducting business using the fairness, kindness and honesty policy whether if it was due to lack of money or just a good old fashioned trade off.
With all the hoopla about our economy it would seem that this just might be a great idea to revisit. This weekend was one of those such visitations back to a lost art for me. It started off with trading some of my handmade candles for a pickup load of gravel and a much needed hoof trimming for our pony Lilly. I also packaged up some of the winter stock of candles into a really nice gift basket for a Cancer Benefit which helped to contribute for raising cancer research funds for that ugly disease. (Super job by Alisha and TEAM JULIE) There was also a barter made on a handshake for my husband to do some construction duties for a new parking area to be added in next to our house. Not too shabby.

If you think about what you have to offer or what you can do for someone , sometimes you find that some great opportunities appear. Perhaps this might be a nice reminder to revisit or try out the lost art. It feels a little old fashioned in a good way and certainly makes everyone happy in the end.

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  1. Barter and trade is alive and well here in my rural New Hampshire community of Tamworth. Neighbors and local business owners deal in everything from organic milk and local produce to lumber milling and carpentry. They work diligently to keep work, goods, and services within the community and are always ready to move something you don't need along to someone who does in exchange for something else. I must admit I am not as skilled at barter as the homegrown locals, but I'm watching and learning.