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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Update - Change in hours

Hope this latest post finds everyone enjoying the great weather and doing well! We've just finished up I Made It! Market in the Southside of the Burgh. It was a fantastic venue with many wonderful artisans and we could not have asked for a better location or weather. While showing off our most awesome candle line, there was live entertainment, kid's crafts, a chili cookoff and we noshed on Qdobe mexican only to top it off with Cheesecake Factory at the end. A special shout out to Brad, Dan, Ian, Kenny, Hot Sally and Jackie for showing us love and support! Attendee's even brought their pooches , one of which was a large "Boxalab" that gave my extrodiary helper of the day a hug. Thanks again to Carrie for a job well done!
This month has also been the kick off to the insane candle making for Shaker Woods that will be in Aug. Pallet loads of jars, wax and fragrance have arrived and will keep me busy many nights.

Now ....on to some major business. Many of you know that I worked at General Motors only to be laid over a year ago thus provoking me to take the leap to open my retail location. We'll.....this past Friday, I received a letter of recall back to work ......for MONDAY. Yes, that is right, MONDAY! 3 days notice! I had know that it was a possibility but did not think that it would happen until June. It has put me in somewhat of a bind as to keeping the store open on the same schedule that it has been. So, with that, I want you all to know that the store WILL NOT be closing it's doors. We will just be going through an adjustment phase. The plan is for me to be open when I can be available until my summer help starts. I have my son Jesse which many of you have met, Allison my outstanding "apprentice" and Brianne my lovely sales associate which will start as soon as school is out. Until then it will be hit and miss with our hours. The goal is for me to be there Monday's 1:00 until 4:30, Closed Tues & Wed, Thurs & Fri 1:00 until 4:30 , Sat 10 until 3:00 & Sun 12:00 until 3:00. Hopefully this will allow for everyone to still have a time slot to pick up their candles, and you'll still get to see my smiling face! This will no doubt be a huge adjustment for me so PLEASE....bear with me and be patient during this time. I appreciate all of you and your business and want to keep you happy but also need to make this transition as smooth and economical for a small business as possible. Hopefully by summer, help will be in place and morning hours will be back in business!
Again...thank you for all your support, wonderful comments and finally for choosing to burn 1820 House candles!

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