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Friday, April 17, 2009

Antiques and the Green Movement

With all the campaigns on "Green Living" in almost every type of media available, I found it interesting that I haven't seen much written about the use of antiques . It is such a wonderful way to bring character into a home. Patined wood and pewter lend themselves to so many decors with historic color schemes to light european airy countryside cottages. A used set of china or ironstone blended in with your favorite service brings thoughts of many family gatherings these pieces have been privy to. I have seen old feed sacks, flax linen yardage and lindsey woolsey antique worn bedding re-purposed into decorative pillows giving a lived in look to brand new upholstered pieces. Antique persian rugs scattered upon the floor or on a table top always seem to have a richness , knowing that it was considered a luxury to have. Vintage frames, artwork and old looking glasses gracing a freshly painted wall give a balance and beauty that ordinary plastic frames cannot.

Whenever I can, I love to bring new life to a well used piece and if possible find a story to go along with it to pass along to the next new owner. It seems there is something about the hunt for the perfect piece and the satisfaction that comes with knowing you are maintaining something that another craftsman or artisan took care and time to handcraft.

So, when you think about scouting out a "new" antique or wonder how much you really contribute to the "Green Movement" think about how you are saving trees, re-purposing treasures and preserving a piece of history at the same time.

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  1. Mel, Maybe we should call the story of the flamestitch loveseat the "Saga of the Traveling Sofa", instead of the traveling pants! I loved that sofa for many years, and am glad you have it now. It has become 'mellower' over the years, and looks nicer now than when it was new, in my opinion! (Kind of like our dearest loved one looks to us as time goes by!) I have fond memories of curling up on it reading by a window on a nice day, listening to the birds or good music, and snuggled up on it with a blanket by a fire on a winter night. Speaking of antiques, and recycling the past, I reflect on a lifetime of living with, and lovingly collecting old things. TO ME, living antiques is all about memories; the memories not only of past owners, but my own meaningful memories of how, when, and where I acquired a piece. Who was I with? What kind of day was it? Did I find a treasure while out on a drive in the country with a friend? I have a connection AND an affection for each and every piece I have or have sold. Antiques tell a silent story if one is willing to listen~ Mary